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ISAE 3402 will soon replace SAS 70, but has it reached the ISO/IEC 27001 Class yet? 

We recently reviewed the new and improved service manager audit standard slated to supersede SAS 70 known as ISAE 3402. These audit standards are really beginning to look more and more like ISO, but it is not yet at the same level as ISO.


Within the following descriptions we have attempted to provided valuable insight into the scope and magnitude of our projects. We anticipate that after reviewing these projects you'll want to entrust your next project to us.

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1). Government
2). Financial Management
3). Banking
4). Pharmaceutical
5). Technology
6). Telecommunications
7). Academia
8). Office Supplies Manufacturing
9). Frozen Food Manufacturing
10). Apparel Manufacturing
11). Insurance


Our client is a municipal government body comprised of 6,000 unionized and non-unionized employees providing public transportation to 14 Million residents or 3 Million rider’s per-year.

TechSecure Holdings Inc. led the development and implementation of the Information Security Education and Awareness program including project plans, management reports, curriculum development and presentation development. Stakeholders were identified within strategic departments of the organization whom we developed a collaborative partnership with. Our professional adult education was developed following best practices such as Bloom's Taxonomy, David Kolb's Learning Style Inventory guided by our skills developed through the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education and Centre for Curriculum Development, Transfer & Technology.