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ISAE 3402 will soon replace SAS 70, but has it reached the ISO/IEC 27001 Class yet? 

We recently reviewed the new and improved service manager audit standard slated to supersede SAS 70 known as ISAE 3402. These audit standards are really beginning to look more and more like ISO, but it is not yet at the same level as ISO.


TechSecure Holdings Inc. has proven experience within many facets of the information technology domain, that is one of our strengths! By understanding how professional disciplines like Risk Management and Product Realization apply to information technology it allows us to provide better services with a wider Enterprise application. The results of our approach to service delivery maximize benefits and value at a lower cost and lower impact to Enterprise Corporate Culture. We have a broad range of industry expertise with Government, Financial Services, Credit Unions, Banks, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, and Academia. A few of the core services that we provide are listed a below:


1). ISO/IEC 27001 Registration/Certification;
2). IT Risk Management Integration;
3). Compliance Management Program;
4). Information Security Services Procurement Consultation;
5). ISO/IEC 20000 Registration/Certification;
6). IT Governance assessment and process improvement;
7). ISO/IEC 9001 IT Recertification;
8). Quality Management/ Product Realization Integration;
9). System Development Life Cycle assessment and process improvement;
10). Independent Information Security Assurance Audit;
11). Threat-Risk Assessment and Reporting;
12). Business Impact Assessment and Reporting;
13). Privacy Impact Assessment and Reporting;
14). Information Classification/Handling Legislation Compliance;
15). Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity assessment and process improvement;
16). Change Management assessment and process improvement;
17). Incident Management assessment and process improvement;
18). Information Security Program assessment and process improvement;
19). Information Security Awareness Education and Communications;
20). Project Management; and
21). Information Security Architecture.

If you would like to know more about these services please feel free to contact our Service Representative or Download TechSecure Technology Services Brochure at your next opportunity.